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Donate for admin

Post  Jonny on Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:31 pm

Thats right! You can now donate to become an admin!

What you can do as an admin

- Become an admin on a server popular every day
- Administrate the server 24/7, whenever you want.
- Have fun with noclip and all the admin tools!
- Act like a boss

When donating, Please use this code in the message box:

In-Game name:
I am purchasing Admin for ingame.

You will get warnings if caught abusing your powers and if you carry on after the warnings, you will get admin removed
No refunds

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions!

Donation Price for admin: £10

Click here to donate for In-Game admin

Please note, you will not get admin until the money has been successfully transferred and the money has been recieved.



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