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The rules!

Post  Jonny on Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:42 am

Server rules

Insulting teammates or other players for any reason will also not be tolerated. No matter how poorly a player is performing. Inform an admin of any players not working with his/her team.

- No racism. Racism will result in an immediate permanent ban of the offending user, no exceptions.
- No griefing. Griefing is the act of using or abusing a game mechanic in ways originally unintended by the game’s developers for the specific purpose of angering or otherwise negatively impacting the game experience of another player.
- No trolling. Trolling is an attempt to anger and provoke a specific player on the server, and will result in a ban.
- No flaming. Flaming includes, but is not limited to: Ridiculing, insulting, or demeaning another member or group of members.
- No advertising. Meaning, do not Spread links to other sites, groups and server.
- No innappropriate micspam or sprays. This includes furry, hentai, or porn sprays. Inappropriate micspam or sprays will result in an immediate mute/ban.
- No use of any scripts/hacks. Using any exploited programming/software will be an immediate ban.

DarkRP rules

Random Death-Match (RDM)

Killing is allowed, but you must have a legitimate reason. You cannot kill someone just because you want to. Killing is NEVER permitted at spawn!

New Life Rule (NLR)
Is always in effect. New life rule lasts 3 minutes. Use Steam Overlay “shift+tab” to get your clock ingame to verify time.

Prop Rules
Players are free to spawn props to build or decorate with. However, players are not allowed to use props to build a house in the open world.

- Prop Killing. Killing players with props is not allowed.

- Prop Spamming. Spamming props is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

- Prop Climbing/Pushing/Surfing. Prop climbing is only allowed in areas where players can already freely access. You can make ladders and walkways to parts of the map that are already accessible by players. Props may never be used to gain access into someone home you do not have permission to enter.

- Prop Blocking. Prop blocking a passage, entryway, or player is not allowed. However, you may use a fading door (via the fading door tool) to prop block an entry. HOWEVER, you MUST use a keypad/button on both sides of the prop to allow entry to the fading door.

Illegal Items
The following items are considered illegal unless specified otherwise by the mayor. Pistols are NOT illegal. Money printers are ALWAYS illegal, regardless of what the mayor says.
- All drugs
- Drug labs
- Fully automatic weapons
- Silenced weapons

Job demotion is not allowed based on your dislike of a player, or if they have a job you want to play. If you have a legitimate reason to demote, a vote may be started. Jobs that are meant to deal items MUST sell things.
The following jobs are allowed to raid or break into other players homes:

Mob boss
Hobo King

Police Officer Rules

Civil Protection members must follow the orders of the Chief. You may be demoted for not following orders.
You must have a good reason to arrest someone. Most crimes do not deserve an arrest, use your stunstick for what it was meant for.
You must have a good reason to put someone on the wanted list.
You must have a good reason to obtain a search warrant for someone. Sparks through a wall, printer explosions, and mass gunfire are the lowest level of accepted evidence. Also illegal weaponry.
Do not abuse your powers as a police officer. This will get you demoted.
You can shoot people who are wanted only if in danger or chasing after for a least 120 seconds.

Gang Rules

Killing cops just because they are cops is never allowed. If they happen to see you AND pursue you for doing something illegal, then it is okay to shoot them.
Breaking NLR as a ganger is just as serious. If your base is being raided, you cannot come back to the base for at least 3 minutes.



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